‘Brendan is a star, he has built a clinic that allows me to park at the door and has wheelchair access, he really has considered the needs of the disabled’

CK Martinstown

‘ I use the Practice for several reasons, the main one is Brendan’s caring considerate nature, he takes his time and explains things clearly, also he allows enough time between people that I am always seen on or before my appointment slot, he also offers appointments outside of  work which is perfect for me’

LT Ballymena

‘I had to stop playing golf as my knees got sore when I walked around the course, thanks to Brendan and a pair of orthotics I am back playing every weekend and my knees give me no bother’

JB Cushendall

‘I had heard that going to a Chiropodist for foot treatment would have me feeling that I was walking on air, I didn’t believe them until I went to Brendan, he provides an excellent service’

PF Cargan

‘I have been to several Chiropodists before I went to Brendan, and to be honest I will be staying with him as he is the best I have been to’

KM Ballymena

‘ I am a very nervous patient, and do not like pain and so rather strangely suffered pain with my corns for years before going to Brendan, I am so happy I did, he has never hurt me and getting my feet treated gives me so much relief’

EW Broughshane